hello!!! assalamualaikum i'm back!!! 

hahha even i know there no one missing me but after 4 years i never updated my blog at last im coming back to this!!!

well after this i think i have a lot of free time to update my blog cause i have sooooo many things to update..

ye la 4 tahun, tak kan muat kalau nak updated satu malam kan.. lepas ni, blog ni akan jadi tempat aku bebel tiap-tiap hari.. ok promise heee 

so gudnyte guys esok kerja..bye 

aaa btw guys esok jumaat so don't be stress ok!! last day kerja for this week heee.. AND HAPPY WEEKEND GUYS!!!

opss awal pulak iolss wish..ok bye 

happy new year..

A boy said to his father: “I saw a girl and I want to marry her. She is so beautiful and she has gorgeous eyes. The father answered his son: of course son, let’s ask for her hand in marriage.”

When the father saw the girl, he admired her beauty and he told his son: “You don’t deserve this girl, she needs someone who has experience in life and she can depend on, someone like me.”

The boy was surprised by the attitude of his father and he told him: “She will marry me, not you”. They started to fight and finally they decided both to go to the police station to solve their problem.

When they tell their story to the police officer, he told them: “bring the girl so we can ask her about her opinion about this.” When the officer saw the beauty of the girl he said to the boy and his father: “you both don’t deserve her, she needs someone who has prestige like me.”

The three men started a fight and decided to go to the minister to solve their problem. When the minister saw the girl, he said: “She deserves to be married with a minister like me”. The prince heard about their problem and calls them all to help them solve it but and when he saw the girl he said: “This girl will marry me”.

All the five men started to fight. Finally, the girl said “I have the solution! I will start to run and whoever catches me first, he will be my husband”. When she started to run, the boy, his father, the police officer, the minister and the prince started to run to catch her. Suddenly the 5 men fell into a deep hole.

Moral : The girl looked to them from the top and she said “do you know who I am?”

I am the Dunya - THE LIFE!!

People want to run to catch me, they are racing to have me. By doing that, they forget their religion, until they end up in their grave and still won’t have me.

copy paste from somebody.. hapy new year evelibadi hik hik 
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